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Stewardship Update

What does Stewardship do for our community?

Good Stewardship involves working in and with the community. We do that with such things as Vacation Bible School where we invite children from the local community to take part even if they don’t go to our church. Serving the community in other ways like “Open Door” on Saturday where we invite the community at the market to use our restroom facilities or to take a tour of the church. Taking part in community events like the car show, art show, and Christmas lighting, is another way we work with the community.

What does Stewardship do for you?

Stewardship can help you have a closer relationship with God. The feelings that you get when you help someone or your church without any reward is a warm feeling, unlike many others. When you see someone’s eyes light up because of something you have done, that reward is unlike any other. When you see the church expanding with new people that have come because of something you have helped with or who you have asked personally because of the love you have for our church community, you can’t explain that feeling. It’s just Christ-like.

What does the Stewardship committee do?

This committee has the responsibility for organizing the campaigns for raising money for the next year’s budget and working with the Finance Committee. It also works to keep the congregation aware that being a good steward is a year-round effort, not just a money-raising event. It is involved in doing all the things discussed in this brochure.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Stewardship Committee please contact the church office.

Time, Talent, Treasure Witness

A great example of the three “Ts” of Stewardship in action at our church can be seen in this short story about a member who does many jobs through-out the church from changing locks when needed to assisting the custodian when asked. He is a long-time member of our church, has been an usher for many, many years and shares the head usher duties.

While making repairs, this steward often uses his own money to buy things needed to get the job done. He is always around to help on days other than Sunday. Recently, he changed the lighting in the ladies’ restrooms on the first floor and lower level and replaced the light switches in all the restrooms with motion sensitive switches. His assistance was also given to Tony, our custodian, to replace the lights in the chancel.

Many things this member has done for the church may have gone unnoticed; however, we are very grateful for all of his help. I think you know by now who this man is, so if you see him, please thank him for his dedication to our church family and building.

The first of the “Ts” - treasure - was demonstrated when he used his own money. The next two “Ts” - time and talent - were accomplished when he took the time and used his talent to make repairs in the church. He is an-other example of a good steward.